Loot Crate June 2015 Review: Cyber

By | June 20, 2021

Another month, another Loot Crate.

Last month, I reviewed my first Loot Crate, and at the end of the experience, I decided that I would take things on a month-to-month basis for the time being as far as my subscription was concerned. Yet, here we are, a month later, and I’m already reviewing another Loot Crate. Now, did I forget to cancel my subscription and wind up committed to another crate? Well, as a matter of fact, I did, but I couldn’t help but be excited by my slip-up when I heard about June’s theme: Cyber.

This month’s awesome Cyber-themed crate includes products featuring “Terminator Genisys,” “Borderlands,” Transformers, “Battlestar Galactica” and more. 3 out of 4 of those, I’m a big fan of (more on that 4th one in a minute), so I would’ve probably purchased this month’s crate anyway.

Here’s what I found inside:

This month, there were a handful of really great items, some that I was like “okay,” and some I was like “why this?” I’ll come back to the big stuff in a moment, so let’s jump to the smaller things first.

One of the things I really liked, but probably won’t get much use out of is a gorgeous, large-sized “Borderlands” gaming mouse pad. I don’t have a mouse and I don’t do much computer gaming, so this isn’t very practical for me, but it looks great and fits nicely on my computer desk right next to my laptop, so that’s where it will live now. Maybe I’ll even get a mouse for it.

I also really dug the two “Battlestar Galactica” Cylon Target Practice posters I got. I’ve never watched the original 1978 TV series, but I loved the 2004 SyFy series. Still, these will look great on the wall and are perfect for Nerf guns (I don’t have any, but I could use more of them in my life, they’re just fun).

On the other end of the spectrum, there is a super generic-looking pencil case (with a glow-in-the-dark circuit design printed on it) that is pretty shrug-worthy. It looks okay in an elementary school kinda way (it’s great to give to your kids), but it’s a Loot Crate exclusive, so it sorta seems like a missed opportunity not to go with a design from a geek-related property (more “Borderlands” stuff in this crate would’ve been nice, I would’ve loved to win this month’s Mega Crate). This was probably my least favorite item in the crate.

There is also an exclusive patch of the Tyrell Corporation logo from “Blade Runner” in there, which I like, but don’t know what to do with it. The Nerd HQ stickers also looked pretty cool, if you like putting stickers on stuff.

I liked the “Terminator Genysis” Brain Chip keychain, but it’s probably not something that’s immediately recognizable, so you’d probably have to explain what it is to people. It’s also kinda hefty and I don’t know how confident I am in the keyring’s durability.

I was most excited about this little item: a half-scale “Terminator Genysis” Cyborg Endo Skull replica. It looks awesome, with just the right attention to detail. It’s the perfect size for your desk or mantle or wherever you display your collectibles. I kinda got a heads up to what the big Terminator item in this month’s crate might be in one of their emails, and I was delighted to see that my guess as to what it would be was correct. I love it!

Moving on, the T-shirts are always a big deal for Loot Crates. Last month’s T-shirt was a Loot Crate exclusive Power Rangers design that I loved. This month’s shirt wasn’t as exciting for me, but I’m sure others will love it.

First of all, this Transformers/TRON mashup (Tronsformers?) looks great and it’s super comfortable. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this shirt (the problem is not you, Loot Crate, it’s me), I’ve just never been a very big Transformers fan, so it didn’t do much for me. I was kinda hoping the Transformers item would be something more along the lines of some kind of trinket dealie, like a keychain. I’ll still wear it though, because it looks cool and as I’ve said before: comfortable.


Also, the Loot Crate Magazine in the crate (which has details on all the products, as well as interviews and puzzles, and is fun to flip through) says it’s an exclusive design, but I’ve seen similar designs on various t-shirt websites featuring just about every geek favorite character imaginable (Iron Man, Mario, Link, the list goes on), and I could’ve sworn I’ve seen an Optimus Prime one somewhere before. I could be mistaken, but if not, how did those other sites miss this one? Still, if I was gonna get a shirt with a character in the TRON pose design, I would’ve gotten a different character.

That’s it for my review of this month’s Loot Crate and overall, it’s still a win, yet again. Before I forgot again, I already went ahead and cancelled my monthly subscription, but I would still have no problem signing up again next month if the theme is enticing enough. Loot Crate is also currently re-selling some of their previous month’s crates, so I might be dipping into the past before I’m ready to look to the future again.

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