Rare Announces Collection of 30 Games Spanning 30 Years

By | July 30, 2021

30 years, 30 games, 30 bucks.

Earlier today at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, Rare Games announced the development of “Rare Replay,” a collection of 30 amazing Rare classics, all in one, for Xbox One. A few of the games that will be added with the collection’s release will include:

All of these titles are extremely memorable titles from Rare and many gamers search endlessly to get their hands on a copy just to relive the moments that they all loved while they were growing up. I even find myself a little upset that just a month or two ago I paid $100 for my own copy of “Conker’s Bad Fur Day.”

The games included within the collection range from classic SNES platforms to more recent titles on the Xbox 360. The games included bolsters new challenges with over 700 hours of gameplay, as well as included achievements across each of the 30 games. Each of these achievements across the entire collection will add up to a whopping total of over 10,000 gamerscore points.

The 30 games included are representative of the 30 year history of the well-respected studio, all for a very nice price of only $30. That is seriously only $1 a game, some of which are boasting $50-$100 prices for a physical copy of those games online. This is one rare deal that you will not want to miss, and yes, you better believe the pun was intended.

“Rare Replay”: Release Date

“Rare Replay” hits stores August 4, 2015. Rare also announced a new project that they’re calling “Sea of Thieves,” a pirate adventure in a Mediterranean-like world shared with many other players.

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